Social Finance Data Specification (Alpha)


This documentation site is a work in progress.

The Social Finance Data Specification is being developed as a draft data specification for describing social investment. For more information contact or

For open data to be really useful it has to follow an agreed format – a standard – so it can be easily compared with data from other organisations.

For UK grantmakers, we have developed the 360Giving Standard for this purpose. We use this Standard to make sure that when all your data is linked to the 360Giving Registry, it can be easily “read” by different applications. This is how we make sure that when you use the data, the results that come up can be compared.

The social investment data specification is:

  • Open data driven: providing a common way to share transparent and interoperable information on social investment.
  • Easy to use: offering a simple spreadsheet format for publishing and consuming data, backed up by a structured data model, developer-friendly JSON serialisation, and conversion tools.
  • Comprehensive: providing a full view of social investment. Describing the whole investment process and supporting in-depth analysis of deals, grants, loans and beneficiaries.